Voss Insurance Services customarily receives compensation from insurance companies for its professional services in the form of commissions which consist of a percentage of the premium collected by insurance companies. Compensation is for services performed for both the client and the insurance company. In cases where Voss has a specific fee agreement with a client, that arrangement and corresponding fee is disclosed in our written proposal summary, or constructed through a separate written agreement. Voss may, from time to time, have profit sharing agreements in place with various insurance companies it represents. In any given calendar year, the organization may or may not be eligible for additional compensation under these agreements based on a variety of factors. At no time does the existence of these agreements enter into Voss Insurance Services’ decision making process about recommendations regarding the placement of policies with particular insurance carriers. Specific terms and conditions of coverage, financial strength, services and resources of the insurance company are the sole criteria considered when advising clients about the placement of coverage. More detailed information regarding compensation is available upon request.