Home Health Care

Home Health Providers come in all shapes and sizes and can provide a wide variety of services ranging from basic daily living to advanced skilled nursing care.

Home care worker and man and wife


“I now have far better coverage, less expense and I better understand what it is I am paying for. I wish I had called Voss Insurance Services years ago.”

Jeff Chiodi, Cypress Home Care


  • Home health providers can help enable people to retain their independence and dignity within their homes. (or)
  • Provide the pre-qualified trained staff for other senior living facilities (or)
  • Some combination of both and/or some combination of skilled and non-skilled care.

These widely varying differences in services provided can create situations where critical coverage that is needed is missing or cause home health agencies to over-pay for insurance premiums based upon a level of care they do not provide. Neither situation is acceptable.

We understand that a home health agency is NOT a nursing home (or assisted living, adult foster care, etc) nor should it be insured like one. The differences are fundamental but not always recognized by insurance companies. This ignorance can result in denied access to programs and/or inappropriate pricing.

We believe it is critical that your home health agency be represented by an independent commercial insurance agency that is a health care expert. If you are not getting the expertise of a qualified health care agency or would like to learn more about our agency and the programs we offer, please give us a call.